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Project still alive?

Henning Jensen 8 months ago • updated by LeBaux 8 months ago 1


Is this project still alive? Seems like a good project, but I won't go all in if the development has stopped. Need both a desktop version and a mobile version.



sn3akyb3ar 7 months ago 0

Website gives an error message, and notes don't synchronise anymore.


dark theme? and automatic date or calender system?

takeothebandit 7 months ago 0

i would like a dark theme to use at night.  having automatic date or time will work nice too


Markdown with preview pane?

LeBaux 8 months ago 0

I just like to write my notes in markdown, it would be cool if you implemented this option. I like the way laverna is doing it, but she is lacking in other departments. Thanks for consideration!


Strikethrough bug

sn3akyb3ar 8 months ago 0

If I try to apply strikethrough to two or more lines, and one of them is already striked, app just crashes.


How to arrange related notes tabs together, can't move the tab?

HomeTech 8 months ago 0

Everything good in this note taking app, wherein I prefer writing different content in different tabs. So when it comes to searching for related information we should be able to put the tabs related in information next to other. This would be a good idea.

Under review

Formatting for Code Snippets

jweismueller 10 months ago • updated by Ciphernote Support 10 months ago 1

It would be really cool if we could get a formatting feature for code snippets. I had many snippets in Evernote and after import to Ciphernote the layout is broken. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Under review

Nested tags?

ktrn.kusova 10 months ago • updated by Ciphernote Support 10 months ago 1

Do you plan to implement nested tags?

Under review

Import from Evernote

ktrn.kusova 10 months ago • updated 9 months ago 2

I wanted to try out this new app. So far, it looks great. I had several problems with the import from Evernote:

  • tables lost (I guess they are not implemented)
  • some of the colors in the text lost
  • could not find the "creation date" anywhere, which I wouldn't want to lose

(I tried to attach a .pdf illustrating the differences, but I'm not sure if I did it correctly; it's a recipe not in English).

Other than that, the import seems to work nicely, including the tags.